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How it Works

Join the private membership network retirees trust to discover "what's next"

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Finally, every day is Saturday.

Make the most out of your retirement next chapter

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How it Works

Join the private membership network retirees trust to discover "what's next"

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The People

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Share experiences, advice, and opportunities with a welcoming group of peers - curated just for you

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The Resources

Access a wealth of new ideas and vetted resources recommended by other Hively members

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The Benefits

Unlock exclusive experiences & discounts that you'll actually use

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I leave each meeting with opportunities to pursue and options to consider.
Candace L.
Former School Principal

Past Sessions

Keeping our brains active in retirement

19 attendees

Ideas for healthy aging in retirement

14 attendees

Caring for your self-esteem in retirement

16 attendees

How do you know when you're ready to retire?

16 attendees

Getting involved in my community

16 attendees

Navigating retirement unpartnered

23 attendees

Exploring post-career work opportunities

21 attendees

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  • What is Hively?
    Hively is your trusted navigator for modern retirement. We cultivate a supportive community of retirees/semi-retirees (though we dislike that word!) who are navigating a new life chapter and redefining what retirement means. We understand that retirement is a massive life transition. We believe that your next chapter should be filled with joy. Whether you're exploring travel, figuring out financial planning, looking for volunteer opportunities, or just want to chat with others also navigating this transition, we're here for you!
  • What does a membership look like?
    Hively membership gives you access to small group sessions (aka "Hives") with experts in various interest categories. Engage with the community through the Hively discussion forum, where you can get any questions answered related to Medicare, financial planning, healthy aging, or simply share stories about your latest vacation. But wait, there’s more! As a member, you’ll receive offers from partners and access opportunities both online and in your local area. Discover where to volunteer, find part-time work as a retiree, and much, much more!
  • Who are our members?
    Hively members typically recently retired, or those who are planning to retire soon. To-date, Hively is a community of retired writers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, social workers... (you name it!).
  • How much does membership cost?
    Today, Hively is completely FREE!
  • Tell me more about your Transition into Retirement Groups!
    Our Transition into Retirement (TIR) groups are a great way for you to meet new members and start your retirement (we really dislike that word), "new chapter" journey. We launch couple TIR groups a month. Each group consists of 8-15 like-minded peers that meet for 4 consecutive weeks and explore topics such as: finding new purpose, psychology of retirement, changing relationships. Sign-up for one of our groups here.
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