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Contribute to my community

You want to give back to your community.
Find potential volunteering opportunities here.


Volunteering matching program for seniors.


Volunteer to teach english to students in Ukraine.


Volunteer to inform and motivate individuals of all ages in Newton's community to reduce their carbon footprint.


Volunteer to read and record reading mobile books.

Northstar Tutoring

Volunteer to tutor low-income students in DC area.

Vote Forward

Volunteer to write letters to voters to encourage voting.

Big Brother Big Sister

Volunteer to become a mentor for children.

For Goodness Cakes

Volunteer to bake cakes for children in foster care.

Human Factors and Aging Laboratory (HFA)

Volunteer as a research participant to help advance tech use/accessibility for older adults:


An international service organization. Find a club in your area and volunteer in your community (or globally!) together.


Volunteer as a mentor to small businesses around the nation.


Volunteer abroad in exchange for food/lodging.


Find one-day volunteering opportunities here.

Fox Trial Finder

Volunteer to participate in clinical studies. Find opportunities based on location and health history.

Institute of Translational Health Sciences

Volunteer to participate in scientific studies - open to both healthy volunteers and participants with specific health conditions.


Volunteer to help kids who are behind in reading. Requires commitment for the school year.

Find volunteering opportunities with the US government.

WriterCoach Connection

Volunteer for middle & high school students to think critically and express their ideas confidently in writing.


Volunteer as a tour guide in Boston.

Global Volunteer

Volunteer to spend short periods of time working with and learning from and about local people in communities throughout the world.

Jimmy Fund

Volunteer to make an important difference in the lives of cancer patients today.

National Archives

Volunteer for National Archives online or nation-wide.


Volunteering matching for inspired people with inspiring causes.

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