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With a third of your life in retirement,
there is so much to be explored. 


But, if you're like many, your calendar for the past 30+ years has been filled with working, parenting, and caretaking. The suddenly empty calendar leaves you feeling a little lost and aimless -
What's next? Where do I start?

This is why we started Hively.

With most life transitions, we've had peers, teachers, and mentors to guide us along the way. 

Hively is your playbook to navigate your third chapter.

Hively is a communi
ty of retired writers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, social workers... (you name it!) 
We've co-created Hively with our community every step of the way.

Incubated at Harv
ard Innovation Labs, we've come together under the belief that your third chapter is the best one yet. 

Through Hivelyour vision is to empower older adults to care for their holistic health and continue a life of meaning beyond retirement.

Welcome to our hive.

Hively Members on an online call discussing retirement
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